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    Smart HD Video Recording Pen Camera With Audio

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    Introducing The W8 PLUS Smart HD Video Recording Pen Camera With Audio

    IMAGINE a pen that effortlessly transforms into a high-definition camera, painting your world in vivid 1080p at a cinematic 30 frames per second. Not only does the W8 PLUS Pen Camera record, but it also captures photos with breathtaking precision at 2560x1440 resolution.

    Unlike its counterparts, the W8 PLUS Pen Camera triumphs with a trio of capabilities: high-resolution photo capture, mesmerizing video recording, and audio immortalization. While others focus on video alone, the W8 PLUS empowers you to seize every detail. Plus, Its larger battery capacity extends its mission, allowing up to a staggering 150 minutes of continuous operation after a full charge.

    BLEND seamlessly into any scenario with the W8 PLUS Pen Camera's ingenious design. As a pen, it's an unassuming addition to your everyday life. Clip it onto your notebook or shirt pocket without raising suspicion. Whether you're strategizing in a high-stakes business meeting, absorbing knowledge in a lecture hall,  or partaking in a global conference, the W8 PLUS Pen Camera stands as your ultimate companion, ready to document your world without compromise.

    EXPERIENCE the magic of simplicity with the W8 PLUS. Press one button, and the world comes alive through your lens. Say goodbye to tangled settings and confusing configurations – this camera is ready to work its charm straight out of the box. Start recording with a tap, stop just as easily, and effortlessly access your content via a card reader, all without missing a beat.

    • INSTANT ACTION - A single button press ignites the recording
    • EFFORTLESS ACCESS - Stop recording with another tap and easily access your content via a card reader for seamless playback.
    • FUNCTIONALITY TRIO - Enjoy the power of versatility with photo capture, video recording, and audio documentation in a single pen camera.
    • 1080P HD MARVEL - Record life in stunning detail with 1080p color HD video at 30 frames per second, creating vivid, lifelike memories.
    • SNAPSHOT SYMPHONY - Effortlessly snap 2560x1440 high-resolution photos with the touch of a button, preserving the essence of every moment.
    • CAMOUFLAGED CAPTURE - Record without arousing suspicion – no lights, no giveaways, just undetectable recording magic.
    • BOUNDLESS SCENARIOS - From business endeavors to globe-trotting adventures, this camera evolves to fit every role you play.
    • POCKET-READY COMPANION - Slide it into your pocket, bag, or notebook with ease, and clip it securely for on-the-go documenting.


    • Material Mastery: Crafted from durable plastic for longevity and comfort in your grasp.
    • Visionary Resolutions: Choose between 1280 x 720P and 1920 x 1080P video resolutions for tailored capturing.
    • Pixel Perfection: 12M pixel count ensures every detail is captured with clarity and precision.
    • Media Maestro: Support for AVI video format and M-JPEG encoding guarantees seamless playback.
    • Battery Brilliance: Lithium polymer battery fuels 1.5 hours of continuous recording.
    • Ample Storage: Micro-SD card compatibility (up to 64GB, not included) for extended capturing journeys.


    • W8 PLUS Pen Camera: Your gateway to capturing moments in style and secrecy.
    • Product Manual: Unlock the camera's potential with an easy-to-follow guide.
    • USB Data Cable: Keep your camera charged and connected effortlessly.
    • Card Reader: Seamlessly access your recordings on your preferred device.
    • Ink Refills (5): Keep the creative flow alive in both words and visuals.

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