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    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest
    Unisex Heated Vest

    Unisex Heated Vest

    Groundbreaking heating technology provides up to 131°F of luxurious warmth.

    Strategically placed 9 heating zones warm your neck, lower back, upper back, and core for complete coverage

    The ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements are engineered for near-instant heat.

    Lightweight flexible design allows you to move freely without restraint

    Layers seamlessly over sweatshirts and hoodies or under raincoats and snow jackets.

    Patented heating system sustains a remarkable 10 hours of soothing warmth


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    2-Year Warranty

    Free & Easy Returns

    Low-wattage, high performance

    Compact and highly portable design

    Adjustable settings for custom comfort

    Built-in safety features included

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    Targeted Warming for Hours - What's the Breakthrough?

    Our breakthrough technology allows our heated vest to strategically warm your body's core zones for hours, while staying lightweight and comfortable.

    The secret lies in our ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements “Nanotherms”. These ultra-thin elements are engineered to convert electricity into heat energy far more efficiently than traditional wires.

    Despite being lightweight and thin, the carbon fiber generates rapid heat within seconds. And the intelligent system sustains this targeted warmth for over 10 hours per charge. 

    So unlike bulky heated gear that warms uniformly and weighs you down, our carbon fiber elements provide lightweight, targeted heating that kicks in quickly.

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    Layer It Over or Under Anything Without Losing Heat or Mobility

    Our heated vest is engineered with an ultra-flexible design that conforms to your body, layers, and movement. So you get targeted warmth without restricting mobility.

     The secret lies in the vest's lightweight knit fabric, which contains stretchy spandex fibers woven together with heating elements. This creates a breathable material that flexes easily.

    The result is a vest that moves with you and fits like a second skin, whether layered under a jacket or over a hoodie.

    The fabric stretches to accommodate bulky layers without losing the perfect slim fit…And since the knit material is highly breathable, excess heat escapes rather than becoming stifling when covered up.

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    Why Choose Our Heated Vest?

    Our Heated Vest

    Consistent heat throughout the neck, lower back, upper back, and core

    Up 8 hours of continuous soothing warmth from a single charge

    Secure battery pouch maintains vest's cushioned feel with no disruption

    With 3 heat options, you're in control

    Warms up in less than 120 seconds

    Other brands

    • Inconsistent heat with hotspots
    • Short battery life with up to 3 hours
    • Only 6 heating elements
    • Uncomfortable - bulky batteries inside

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