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    Original 3D Printing Pen

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    Experience unprecedented levels of creativity with the ORIGINAL 3D PRINTING PEN, enabling you to produce tangible art in 3D.

    Allow your children to design their own toys using our Original 3D Printing Pen! Make their work pop off the page! The only restriction is their creativity! Robots, butterflies, cars, and boats are all possibilities! They'll be creating wonderful things in no time with this excellent 3D Printing Pen with non-toxic filaments!



    The only Child-Safe 3D Pen on the market with no heated components, making it fully safe for all children aged 3 and up.

    3D art for kids made simple: the plastic hardens quickly, allowing children to practically sketch in the air with only one speed and temperature.

    Simply plug in the 3D pen, enter the non-toxic plastic filaments, wait for it to heat up, and you're ready to go!



    • Suitable for children aged 3 and up, This 3D Pen is the ideal present for yourself, your children, or your friends. Childhood is the finest period to develop a child's potential, and our 3D printing pen aids in the development of their vision, attention, imagination, and creativity. It's also a terrific method for adults to release tension or foster hobbies, and it's the ideal toy and tool for designers, architects, painters, and craftspeople who like creating and turning their ideas into reality.


    • This 3D Pen is totally compatible with both PLA and ABS polymers, however we prefer using PLA. Our PLA Filament is made from organic materials like maize and sugarcane. This renders our PLA plastic non-toxic and eliminates any unpleasant odour, making it far safer and more practical than competing 3D Pen filament polymers.


    • Adjustable Temperature & Speed. The 3D Pen has a Speed Controller that allows you to customise the plastic extrusion speed for smoother operation and more precise sketching. With adjustable temperature, you may select the right melting point (temperature) for the filament you're using. (PLA: 160°C-210°C, ABS: 210°C-235°C).

    • To prevent mishaps, our 3D Pen will automatically switch to standby mode when not in use for more than 5 minutes. It also contains a heat dissipation port, which prevents scalding or burns. Using innovative cooling technology, the filament warms through the pen body and cools before exiting the nozzle, reducing the danger of burns and scorching.







    • 1 x High-Quality 3D Pen
    • 12 x Multi-Color Filament  ( 3 Meter length each = 118 inch);
    • 1 x Pen Pedestal;
    • 1 x Usb cable;
    • 1 x Easy-to-Follow Guidebook;



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    Original 3D Printing Pen
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