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    Outdoor Solar Light

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    Illuminate and Secure Your Property: Increase security and enjoy some peace of mind by lighting up those gloomy spots surrounding your property. Suitable for all outdoor spaces such as your garden, porch, patio, driveway, deck, walkway, yard, side of the house, fences, and so on.

    Simple Installation: No connections, no wires, no headaches. Using the provided screws, simply mount the LED landscape solar lights on any flat surface. You only need a screwdriver.

    3 Modes of Operation: The lights can be set to operate in three modes: off / on with motion detection, dim light / full brightness with motion detection, or always on (dim light). Whatever option you select, the light will only turn on when it detects a lack of light.

    All Weather Design: The unit is designed to be waterproof, frost proof, and heat resistant. It is appropriate for usage in all climates (the unit needs at least 3-4 hours of sunlight during the day to charge up)

    Highly Sensitive Motion Detection: Cutting-edge infrared sensors detect the slightest movement within a 16-foot radius and quickly turn on the lights.

    Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Lighting: Powered by solar, these outdoor lights are the most cost-effective lighting solution on the market. On a full charge, you may expect 5-8 hours of continuous operation. They will not cost you a penny extra to run once you have purchased them.

    "I started off with 2 of these to light up the side of my house where it gets pitch black at night. I was blown away with how much light this puts out after i installed them. I literally ordered 4 more on the spot. Now i have them all around the house but I have a feeling im gonna get 2 more just to be on the safe side 😁. These are so good that ive talked other people into purchasing them. ill let the picture speak for itself. I cant comment on the long term of these lights but I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again if i can get 1 year out of them"

    Jeff | USA


    What settings are available?

    There are 3 modes of operation:

    Always On: The light is on at all times with a dim setting

    Always On With Motion Detection: The light is on at all times with a dim setting. When motion is detected, the light instantly switches to full brightness

    Motion Detection: The light is off, when motion is detected the light instantly switches to full brightness

    Will it detect small objects like animals or just people?

    Yes. The infrared detection is very sensitive so it'll pick up movement within 16 ft regardless if it's an animal or a person.

    Will it operate in all weather conditions?

    Yes. The unit is waterproof, frost proof and heat resistant making it the perfect choice regardless of the climate in your area. The only consideration in the winter months is of course sunlight, without it there is nothing to charge the lights during the day

    How fast does it turn on when motion is detected?

    There is no delay when motion is detected, the light will turn on instantly

    Is it easy to install?

    Absolutely. There are no wires to worry about, the unit simply needs to be screwed to a flat surface. Which makes this ideal for anyone to use and install themselves

    How far away does the sensor pick up motion

    The motion sensor has a 120 degree sensing angle and will pick up movement up to 16.5ft (5m) away

    How long does the light last for?

    The LED lights have a lifespan of around 5,000 hours


    Size: 155mm x 110mm x 55mm (6.11" x 4.34" x 2.17")

    Weight: 270g / 0.5lb

    Solar Panel Power: 5.5V

    Number of LED: 208LED

    Lumen: 800

    Color temperature: 6000-6500K

    Charging time: > 8 hours

    Light Color: White

    Package Includes

    1 xSolar Flood Light, 1 x Installation Package, 1 x Instruction Manual



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    Outdoor Solar Light
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