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    Sand Blaster for Karcher K2-K7

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    Is your driveway completely covered in oil stains? Even so, where did it originate? The pressure washer will never be able to remove that.

    And those coats of paint that were adhered to your garage's side? You worked on that task all last weekend. You weren't defeated by it; it was the other way around.

    You will not be returning for the second round this weekend.

    Hold on tight. Don't give up too quickly.

    With the help of this high pressure sandblasting equipment, your ordinary pressure washer may become an unbeatable force.

    Actually, it's pretty fantastic. Look it over.

    • Easy conversion. In a matter of minutes, transform your pressure washer into a wet sandblaster. Since it's so simple, your child could definitely do it.
    • Eliminate stains. Just now, graffiti and its match. Eliminate rust, paint, and stains. This is for really tough materials that a standard power washer is unable to clean.
    • Removable tip. If your tip runs out, don't freak out. It takes place. Not immediately, but in due course. Simply take out the tip and replace it.
    • Preserve time. Finish the task in minutes as opposed to hours. This really speeds up the process of working on your project.
    • Everything can be easily and quickly cleaned.



    Wheels? Not an issue. Concrete, yes. Oil streaks in the garage? Indeed. The hardest tasks are reduced to nothing by doing this.

    As a professional, you must have this. You really need this if you do projects on your own.

    Invest in this high pressure sandblasting kit now to simplify your life tomorrow.

    There is no task you can't take on from now on.

    The pressure washer sandblaster attachment may operate at up to 2500 PSI. 2.5-orifice. Maximum rate of flow: 2 gpm. It reaches as high as 140°F/60°C. 

    A goggle, a 10-foot hose, a 16-inch pressure washer wand (water input), a 10-inch sand wand (sand input), and a permanent nozzle (output) are included with the pressure washer sandblasting attachments.

    Application: aggressive cleaning can be achieved with a pressure washer sandblaster kit. Fantastic at eliminating rust, graffiti,



    Dry silica sand, baking soda, or cleaned and dried river sand are the materials used by pressure washer sandblasting attachments.



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    Sand Blaster for Karcher K2-K7
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