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    The World's Best Electric Silent Fly Trap

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    The World's Best Electric Silent Fly Trap

    You're hosting a dinner, chilling at home, or having a quiet moment, and bam! Flies everywhere. Their buzzing, circling, and the fear of what germs they carry—it's a nightmare. What you need is a non-toxic, no-fuss fly fix.

    Introducing the world's best electric silent fly trap. Think of it as a fly magnet but without the nasty chemicals or the dreaded buzzing noise. This silent gadget lures them in and keeps your home insect-free. Just a peaceful, fly-free zone. Every single day.

    Here's the secret sauce: Set it up where these fruit flies love to hang out. Use bait - think honey, sugar, bacon, or leftovers - and watch the magic happen. The trap's rotating arms do the heavy lifting, sweeping those flies right into captivity. And the best part? They can't escape. A few days later, they're history. Just empty the tray, and you're good to go. Easy-peasy!

    And there's more. This isn't just any trap. It's indoor-safe and powered by a handy USB. It's your all-in-one solution for kitchens, patios, camping trips, or any space where flies are a nuisance, perfect for homes with kids, pets, and anyone seeking a breath of fresh, fly-free air.

    • SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Our Electric Silent Fly Trap is beacon of safety in your home, steering clear of harmful chemicals and toxic sprays. This eco-friendly approach ensures a safe environment for everyone, especially children.
    • QUIET OPERATION: This fly trap operates in silence, perfect for bedrooms and quiet spaces. No noise, no smells, just a peaceful environment.
    • VERSATILE USE: From kitchens to campsites, our fly trap works everywhere. It's effective near trash cans and in outdoor settings. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for any fly-prone area, indoors or out.
    • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: The real charm lies in its maintenance; the trap features a removable fly box that simplifies cleaning. Just add water and detergent, and it's as good as new.
    • USB SUPPORT: This catcher comes equipped with a USB cable, allowing for flexible power options through a power bank or a PC's USB port.


    • Colour: ‎White
    • Style: Electric Fly Trap
    • Material: ‎High Quality ‎Plastic
    • Product Dimensions: 17L x 17W x 6.5H Centimeters
    • USB: Yes


    • 1 x Electric fly trap

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    The World's Best Electric Silent Fly Trap
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