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    Ultrasonic Mice Repellent

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    Ultrasonic Mice Repellent

    Fed up with bugs and rodents at home? These pests are more than annoying – they bring germs and disrupt your peace. Traps and sprays? They never end. And those costs? Ouch. Imagine a solution that's safe for your family and pets and ends the pest problem for good.

    Just plug it in. Boom – pests gone. No mess, no chemicals. It's like magic, but real. Your home? Clean and peaceful. Finally, a solution that works. Get ready to reclaim your space… How? 

    Ultrasonic power! This little device packs a punch. It uses sound waves – pests hate them, but you can't hear a thing. Covers up to 800 sqft. No dead bugs to clean. No harm to your kids or pets.

    And it's not just for flies. This ultrasonic repeller is your all-around pest defender against rats, mice, bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, and even cockroaches. It's comprehensive protection that makes your home a no-go zone for pests, ensuring comfort and health for your family.

    • PET-FRIENDLY AND SAFE FOR CHILDREN: Unlike other fly repellents, the Pest Destruct Ultrasonic Fly Repeller is 100% safe for children and pets.
    • SILENT OPERATION: The device works silently for the human ear, providing a quiet solution to fly and pest control.
    • ODOR-FREE: It does not produce any unpleasant smell, addressing the issue of bad odors associated with some other pest control methods.
    • EFFECTIVE FLY ELIMINATION: The device uses ultrasonic waves on a biological level to eliminate flies and other unwanted pests without causing harm, ensuring there are no dead flies or pests for the user to clean out.
    • COVERAGE AREA: One repeller covers an area of up to 800 sqft, providing a wide range of protection against flies and other pests.
    • VERSATILE PEST CONTROL: While specifically designed to eliminate flies, the ultrasonic repellent also works on rats, mice, bugs, mosquitoes, fleas, and cockroaches, offering comprehensive pest control.


    • Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
    • Power: 2.5w
    • Output Audio: 20-65KHz
    • Electrical plug-in device: no outdoors, hot, water, or other liquids or humid environment. 
    • Coverage: 100 to 800 square feet; no obstacles in front of the device that may obstruct the ultrasonic waves.
    • Product Size: 2.36" x 2.79" x 1.9"
    • Package Dimensions: 4.13" x 2.81" x 2.36"
    • Weight: 1.8 Ounces


    • 1 x Ultra Sonic Plug Repeller

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    Ultrasonic Mice Repellent
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